A woman in a nurse costume with two long braids in her hair presses her fingers to her lips, somewhat provocatively
Photo by Alireza Esmaeeli on Unsplash

Does more advanced technology lead to greater freedom? Michel Foucault characterizes the modern world as a decidedly less free place than in previous eras.

As evidence for his claim, he points to the rise of disciplinary technologies (collectively called “biopower”) which are designed to encourage subservience and conformity in the…

A pair of hands are handcuffed behind the back of a man in orange pants.
Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels

Mandatory arrest laws ostensibly exist to protect victims of violence. They are designed to send the message that domestic violence is intolerable and will result in immediate consequences. While mandatory arrest laws seem to have been born of good intentions, in practice, they often have negative results. …

Meredith Kirby

Learned Lady

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